Wolfpack is a brand dedicated to training canines for hunting.

With three dogs of his own, Karson realized his love for obedience training in his sport. He has taken his training expertise to develop a business that can benefit other hunters with canine involvement.
Dog training does not come easily for every owner, because every breed is unique and has their own set of temperaments. Karson is ready to help owners through the difficulties of current tactics and creating new ones for a well-behaved dog. Working one-on-one with dogs helps build a connection and set the animal up for success; unlike other training facilities that focus on 5+ dogs at a time. Karson believes that each animal in his care receives his undivided attention to set them up for success.

Colors & Material







Logo Development

Our graphic designer did all the groundwork necessary to understand the client’s goals and target market. After brainstorming, sketching numerous concepts, and collaborating with the client they produced the final product — a powerful symbol that effectively tells the brand story.

Printed Material

From conceptualization to the final stage where our client was happy with the business cards, postcards, and brochures we created for them, our team aimed to communicate a clear message to the target audience — and we did!


The branding department at Don Creative Group worked tirelessly to ensure consistency in the client’s brand elements, messaging, and customer interaction thereby creating a recognizable brand identity.