BLK Out transport started as a side hustle for owner Garrett Sweigert to make extra money leading up to his wedding. After driving nights and weekends for 9 months the opportunity presented itself to start something full-time for a dedicated account which prompted Garrett to purchase his first truck from his father in law and BLK Out transport was officially born. With the first truck in motion, Garrett drove his old 1997 international straight truck day in and day out doing all of his own service and repairs along the way. When it was time to add another truck Garrett would scour farmer’s fields and craigslist looking for inoperative trucks that he could repair and get up to dot standards to start the growth of BLK Out.

Colors & Material







Logo Development

Our graphic designer did all the groundwork necessary to understand the client’s goals and target market. After brainstorming, sketching numerous concepts, and collaborating with the client they produced the final product — a powerful symbol that effectively tells the brand story.

Website Development

Our design team expertly constructed a visually stunning website that operates flawlessly. Always prioritizing the end user, we ensured that the site delivered an optimal experience on both desktop and mobile devices, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.


The branding department at Don Creative Group worked tirelessly to ensure consistency in the client’s brand elements, messaging, and customer interaction thereby creating a recognizable brand identity.