The Leader in HVAC Testing, Balancing, Building Commissioning and Air Barrier Testing 813.949.1999 Southern Independent Testing Agency, Inc. (SITA) provides HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing, along with indoor air quality measurements. SITA Cx, a division of Southern Independent Testing Agency, Inc., provides building envelope analysis, building air barrier testing and building commissioning. SITA was incorporated in 1980 in the State of Florida, with our headquarters located just north of Tampa, FL. We provide our customers with one of the most respected, certified staffs, utilizing the latest instrumentation in the industry to evaluate buildings and mechanical systems to improve occupant comfort while promoting energy efficiency.

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Logo Development

Our graphic designer did all the groundwork necessary to understand the client’s goals and target market. After brainstorming, sketching numerous concepts, and collaborating with the client they produced the final product — a powerful symbol that effectively tells the brand story.

Website Development

Our design team expertly constructed a visually stunning website that operates flawlessly. Always prioritizing the end user, we ensured that the site delivered an optimal experience on both desktop and mobile devices, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.


We successfully established a distinct brand identity, allowing them to stand out amidst a vast pool of competitors. This reinforced branding strategy not only heightened their market visibility but also enhanced the trust and recognition from potential consumers.